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Celebrities With Creepy Connections To Serial Killers

In 1975, Glenn was a civilian employee at the United States Army post Fort Carson in El Paso, Colorado. There me met Michael Corbett, a soldier, and together they set out on a series of horrifying murders. First, they kidnapped Daniel Van Lone, a cook leaving his job, with the intention of robbing him. After killing him, the killers made off with all of 50 cents. A few days later, the duo kidnapped another soldier, whom Corbett murdered with a bayonet.

Two weeks after their murder spree began, Glenn, Corbett, and two others tried to rob a Red Lobster where Karen Grammer worked, but failed to steal any money. Fearful that Grammer would be able to identify them, they kidnapped her and took her to their apartment where they repeatedly raped her. Later they said they would take her home, but instead let her out at a trailer park. Before she could escape, Glenn stabbed her multiple times including in the throat. She managed to knock on a trailer door, but no one was home, and succumbed to her injuries.

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