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Fans Debate If Usher Could Pull Off A Super Bowl Halftime Show

With Rihanna’s long-awaited Super Bowl performance in the rearview mirror, people are naturally buzzing about who should deliver the next halftime show. When people began to suggest that Usher should hold the honor, however, one user shared a hot take that swiftly ignited some controversy!

One User Questioned If Usher Has Enough ‘Pop/Hip-Hop Hits’

As people began to hype up the idea of a prospective Usher halftime performance in the future, one user chimed in by proclaiming that she doesn’t believe “he has enough pop/hip-hop hits” to do so.

“I know y’all think Usher should perform the next SB but I don’t think he has enough pop/hip-hop hits.”

Twitter Defends Usher’s Honor

Instantly, the Twitter masses honed in on the user’s statement, and they began poppin’ off in the quote tweets!

Many users expressed their utter disbelief in the notion that Usher wouldn’t be able to pull off a stellar Super Bowl performance.

Others proceeded to break down how Usher has more than enough popular jams for a great halftime show.

It was also alleged that, judging by some of the artists who’ve performed over the past few years, Usher is more than worthy of the honor.

Ultimately, there were plenty of people admiring the ratio as others users declared that were just enjoying the discourse.

OP Doubles Down: ‘Beyoncé Would Be A Better Choice’

All this backlash resulted in the original poster leaving a reply and slamming the critics as for “being intentionally obtuse.” She also elaborated on her initial statement by clarifying that it’s “not a diss to Usher the artist.” Instead, she merely didn’t think he has “enough *pop* hits for a *13* min medley performance.”

She also ended by proclaiming, “Beyoncé would be a better choice.”

Do you think Usher is a good contender to perform at a future Super Bowl halftime show? Additionally, do you think that R&B has a place at these events, or should they stick to pop and hip-hop acts?

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