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Rap it up: In conversation with Shah Rule and D’Evil

One thing I see common in your career graph is all these films that you have worked in, be it Gully Boy, be it Toofan, and now Action Hero, all these actors are themselves a lot into music. How has that enriched your experience?

D’evil: Yes, absolutely. Right now they have started to realise that hip-hop is something that goes really well with film music as a background score or as a meaningful song. And that’s only because Gully Boy started putting that trend in the filmmaking process. It’s just not only the actors as well as the directors, like the directors. Like I grew up watching Resh Om Prakash Mehra or Zoya Akhtar, they are the ones who are accepting this particular genre and they’re accepting our community and they are helping us grow as well, so that’s really commendable. We are really thankful and grateful for that.

You both have worked with each other on multiple projects now. What is the one thing that you’ll enjoy the most when it comes to collaborating?

Shah Rule: I think we always have a good time. We always keep it light-hearted and fun. We both have been doing this for a long time. But when it’s a movie, it is a little bit more exciting than a music video because now we’re narrating something that’s going to go and travel the world on different levels. People are going to be hearing it and watching it. So it’s giving them this kind of multi-dimensional experience. I really enjoyed a Bollywood movie after a long time. I thought in terms of what they did with the script and introducing comedy with Thriller and action was beautiful. And I think Ayushmann is an incredible actor.

D’Evil: As an artist working with Shah Rule, I have learned a lot of things. There was a time whenever I collaborated with Shah Rule or if I’m doing a song with him, he always made sure that he’s there. He’s outside the booth recording me when I’m doing my voice, and he suggests things like try this voice, try that always really worked well for me.

Do you think you’ll be exploring more Bollywood projects together?

D’Evil: Anytime, whoever comes to us. We just need a really good brief and we just need a reason to make music. And we just want to work with different producers, and music directors in Bollywood because there are so many that we have looked up to. As a kid, I’ve looked up to so many of them. I’ve got a chance to work with Shankar Ehsaan Loy for Toofan, Amit Trivedi and various others, not many.  I would love to get a chance to work with more.

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