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Will Prince George Have a Role at the Coronation Without His Siblings?

Though Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have all been highlights of royal events over the last few years, King Charles III’s May coronation might be an opportunity for George, the heir to the throne, to take on a major role without his siblings. According to The Telegraph, the Prince and Princess of Wales are still deciding whether to give their oldest son a public role in the coronation while his siblings serve as spectators.

During previous coronations, the younger heirs to the throne have remained in the congregation, but George might have an opportunity to take part in a newly televised part of the ceremony. For the last few months there has been speculation that one previously private aspect of the coronation—the moment when the Archbishop of Canterbury rubs each of the new monarchs with oil under a canopy—might be televised and seen by the public for the first time, and in January, The Telegraph reported that a new canopy with a see-through top was being created for the moment. 

Over the weekend, the Sunday Times reported that Queen Consort Camilla might use the moment to include her five teenage grandchildren into the ceremony by having them hold the canopy. The newspaper added that the king and queen consort will soon meet with Kate and William to discuss bringing George into the ceremony as well. In the past, duchesses, barons, knights of the garter, and other aristocrats have performed this role, but Camilla is reportedly looking to change this tradition. “The Queen Consort has said she does not want duchesses,” a royal insider told the newspaper. She would like it to be her grandchildren.”

Camilla is extremely close to her two children, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes, and she has spoken before about how she enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren, Lola, Freddie, Eliza, Gus, and Louis. A source who is close to the king and queen consort told the Times that their participation would be a modern update to the ancient ceremony. “It sends a nice signal and is quite a bold move,” the source said. “It is another example of the king and queen Consort being unafraid to shake things up a bit to reflect the realities of modern life, of which a blended family is a central element.”

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